Categories help to remove clutter in

It does not take a lot of time for your inbox to fill up. This means that you need to look for a way to organize your messages for easy access. Finding all relevant messages should not be difficult if you know how to organize messages with the use of categories.

Why Not Folders?

Creating folders might seem like an easy answer to your message clutter problems, but folders run their course very quickly. There are only so many messages that you can fit in one folder and how many topics require a new folder. Since folders are not the ideal way to organize your account, you can instead opt for categories.

Benefits of Categories

Creating categories as a means of organization in will enable you to make categories as you need them and get rid of categories without worry of lost mail. It is possible to add many categories to each message you can be assured that categories will update automatically in This means that you can categorize all type of email messages from newsletters to promotional messages. Now being organized is easy and fast.

Categories help to remove clutter in

Accessing your Gmail password from your mobile phone is easy

With so many different password for a variety of accounts, it is very common to forget your Gmail password from time to time. If you forget your Gmail password, you do not have to worry or stress, because there is an easy fix. It is possible to have your Gmail password sent directly to your mobile device. However, this will only be possible if you already have your mobile number linked to your Gmail account before you need to use this feature. This means as a precautionary method, you should always have your mobile phone number linked to your Gmail account.

How Things Have Changed

Security is now the top priority, so it is no surprise that things have changed slightly. In the past, your entire password would be given to your once your identity was verified, but now you only have the option to rest your password. This is designed to offer more security to Gmail users. This results in you not having the ability to have the password sent right to your phone, but instead you can get a code that can be used to rest your password directly from your mobile device.

Here is a guide for resetting your Gmail Password with your mobile phone:

How To Add Mobile Phone Number To Gmail Account Read more about Accessing your Gmail password from your mobile phone is easy

Getting to using POP on the web is so functional that it is often mistaken for an email program. However, the reality is that it is not an email program even though it functions just like one.

POP Browser

You might be an email user with a preference for obtaining and sending emails in an actual email program instead of a browser. This might mean that you need to try out a POP email program. Creating an account within your email program is possible. This will enable you to download new mail with the help of POP and send new mail using SMTP.

How Do You Get To Using POP?

You need an email program on hand to use when looking to access POP. This can be done most effectively by selecting from the list of optional email programs. Each one will work effectively with POP.

Next you will have to setup just like an email account in an email program. This will allow you to download new messages. This includes both sent and received messages.

The settings that you need to use change depending on the email account: Read more about Getting to using POP

How to block senders in

If you have an email account, it is likely that most of your mail is from senders that you trust and have given your address directly. However, it is possible for some spam to get through to your inbox from time to time. If you keep getting unwanted junk mail from a specific sender, it is possible to block this address entirely.

Blocking is the Easy Fix

It is very likely that these type of junk mail senders have your email address on some type of long automated list. By blocking this address from altogether you can avoid all future messages from this spam sender. All you have to do is add this sender to a list of unwanted addresses on your account. This is an easy way to ensure that your inbox is clutter-free.

Here is a guide to blocking a sender using an email address on Read more about How to block senders in

Easy guide to SMS alert setup with Gmail

Most individuals have at least one email account for either business or personal use. Gmail is a free email service that has grown to popularity and has become the option of choice for millions of email users all over the world. In order to make accessing your email easier, Google has created applications for almost all smartphones on the market including iPhones, Android Phones, and Blackberry phones. This means that you can check your email and manage your Gmail account no matter where you are.

Application Options

These applications that are designed by Google allow all users to have access to all features that are available through Gmail’s email services. This means that you can send, receive and manage your accounts completely. However, it is important to know what your options are f you do not have a phone with the ability to download one of the Google email apps. You might also simply opt not to manage your Gmail account with your mobile device. Now you have the ability to obtain SMS alerts from your Gmail account to your phone when you get new emails.

Gmail SMS alert

Here is an easy to follow step by step guide for setting up SMS Alerts with Gmail: Read more about Easy guide to SMS alert setup with Gmail

Importing email from Yahoo Mail made easy with

Importing email to began with Gmail users, but the response was so overwhelmingly positive that now Yahoo Mail users will have the ability to see what all the buzz is about. This means that you will now have the ability to import your email from Yahoo Mail and will also have the opportunity to manage it with ease. Pretty soon all IMAP-enabled email providers will be able to import and mange email with

Importing email with

Do Away With Multiple Email Accounts

Radius Global recently completed an interesting study that showed almost 81% of email users have more than one account. The problem with such a high amount of users using multiple email accounts comes down to simplicity. Managing multiple email accounts can be a bit time consuming. However, it is possible to make everything much easier by importing your email to one single service. This might simplify things, but it is not always quick or easy to go with just one single email service. Many people have friends and family that only know their old email address and changing accounts completely would only add headaches. Read more about Importing email from Yahoo Mail made easy with

Make your iPhone Gmail compatible without Gmail app

Advances in technology have changed our world and the devices that we use on a daily basis. Mobile phones have now been infused with technology that gives them many uses. The iPhone has many different features, but the ability to send and receive mail is one of the most important and most frequently used.
This allows all individuals with iPhones to stay connected to their email account at all times. It is now possible to access your Gmail account from both a computer and a mobile device like your iPhone. All it takes is a few easy steps and you will have an iPhone that is compatible with your Gmail account. Now sending a receiving emails will be a breeze.
Here are a few basic instructions to get the process started to configure Gmail on your iPhone: Read more about Make your iPhone Gmail compatible without Gmail app

Instructions on how to forward your AOL Mail to Gmail account

Not only do most individuals have an email account, but more than 80% of email users have more than one. You might have an old email address that friends and family use, but forwarding emails is an easy way for you to access your emails without the need for more than one account. Email forwarding is becoming incredibly popular with Gmail users that are looking to import messages from their AOL account. The only problem is that AOL does not make it possible to forward messages, but using a loophole through Gmail can make it easy.

Post Office Protocol

Gmail understands that many users are looking to forward emails and the Post Office Protocol or (POP3) makes this possible. This can be used to help you import your AOL emails directly to Gmail. Even though there is not a way to set it up through AOL, you can just use the POP3 from Gmail to forward your emails.

AOL forward emails to Gmail

Here is a step by step guide on how to forward emails from AOL to Gmail: Read more about Instructions on how to forward your AOL Mail to Gmail account

Is it possible to change your Gmail address?

We communicate using many different methods, but email has become the preferred option of choice form many. Emailing is quick and easy, but most importantly it is free. The problem with relying on email as your default method of communication is that changing your email address can be a very stressful experience for you and all the people in your contacts list. However, Gmail has found a way to simplify the process and enable you to link together more than one address. Now you will not have to worry about notifying every single contact when you change your Gmail address.

Why Change Your Address?

There are many reasons why changing your Gmail address is necessary. You might be looking to change your address because it get a lot of spam. No matter the reason, you can now change you Gmail address with ease and not have any worries.

Here is a step by step guide to changing your Gmail Address: Read more about Is it possible to change your Gmail address?

Do you want an alias email address in

If you are looking for the versatility that comes with multiple email addresses, but also do not want to spare convenience, you can opt for an alias email address in You do not have to have multiple email accounts to use these aliases. Adding new aliases to your account is easier than ever before and allows you to get access to the best of both worlds.

How Easy Is It? has been revamped to make multiple addresses by adding alias accounts simplified. You have the ability to both send and receive new messages with the new alias and the new filing rule on makes it possible. The filing rules comes attached to the address to make everything easy.

Creating an alias email address in is possible by following these easy steps: Read more about Do you want an alias email address in